Every time I see a child, I long to teach him his catechism to make him realize how much Jesus Christ has loved him. In 1789, at the beginning of the devastating French Revolution the child, Joseph Benedict Marcellin was born in the champagnant family. Unable to go to school or rather took to animal rearing. At the end of the hostilities, the situation of life in general and education in particular was seriously deplorable with schools having been closed and teachers drafted to the revolutionary army and many of the priest and religious who managed mission schools had been killed, exiled or had fled  the country. So the rural areas were left without schools or where schools exist, they were unqualified teachers or ex-service men and women, who, themselves, were still suffering from the trauma of the revolution and wars. As a result many children did not go to school, especially in the rural areas. Marcellin then about fifteen was illiterate. However, following a suggestion from a priest, Rev. Fr Allirot, that he should become a Priest, he entered the seminary at the age of sixteen and later in 1816 was ordained a Priest. He    worked as an assistant Parish Priest in the village of La Valla, a rural area in southern France. The hopeless situation of children and young people struck him very deeply even as he remembered his own childhood experience. A decisive moment arrived when he was called a dying boy of seventeen who did not know God, nor the good news of Jesus. He immediately decided to start the congregation of the Marist Brothers of the schools .These Brothers were to administer schools in rural areas. The Marist Brothers of the schools is an institute of Consecrated life founded in 1817 by St Marcellin Champagnant in France, on January 2, with just two candidates recruited, these disciples were initially called the little Brothers of Mary, borne out of Marcellin’s love and devotion to the mother of Christ Jesus whom he fondly referred to as “Our Good Mother’’. At the time of his death in 1840, the institute has grown remarkably with the Marist Brothers in France running several schools for the destitute children. Marcellin Champagnant was canonized a Saint on April 1999 by Pope John Paul II. The mission originally assigned to the Marist Brothers Institute by the church was Christian education of young people for the knowledge of God, culture and self discovery, while living authentic Christian lives for the benefit of the home and the society at large Hence , by giving a holistic education, the children are led to love and honor God and in turn, instill in them respect for morality and so ,make them patriotic citizens, give them means of livelihood by making them employable and as well liberate their minds as educated persons so that they can more easily make objective judgments and right choices in life. Today the works of the Marist Brothers have spread to as many as seventy nine countries across the world including Nigeria about twenty other African Countries.