In our effort to keep up with the signs of the time and ensure that our children remain ever competitive in the midst of a competitive world, we do facilitate SAT and other related exams for our students especially the ones in SS2 and SS3. Some of the ones we prepared are now studying abroad on scholarship and others, on their own.

The SAT Exam is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. Introduced in 1926, its name and scoring have changed several times; originally called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, now called Scholastic Assessment Test.

In summary

SCORES/GRADES USED BY: Most universities and colleges offering undergraduate programs in the U.S. the expected score is up to 1600. Scoring less than 1400 is not good enough for someone who really wants the scholarship given the number of those in need of it and of course who applied for it.

KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS TESTED:  Writing, critical reading, Mathematics

PURPOSE:  Admission to undergraduate programs of universities or colleges

DEVELOPER/ADMINISTRATOR:  College BoardEducational Testing Service

SAT Exam is scheduled to be written three (3) times or even more in some cases in a year though this may not be the case given the challenge of Covid-19. Already there should be a SAT exam in the month of March, and the next one will be in May. Those in SS3 may not be able to sit for it due to time constraint or tight schedule. It is possible with the SS2 students. We will confirm with their office when precisely the next one after May will be given how uncertain our times are. If you have not registered, kindly do so and know it that the rate varies with fluctuating exchange rate in Dollar. Interested parents should contact the School’s Bursar (Rev Br Joseph – 07038629041), the School’s Secretary (Mr Chinedu – 08064682518) or the Staff Welfare Chairman (Mr Kenchux – 08035491847). Ensure that the account given to you is that of the School or authorized by the School. For SAT Exam, the fee is #131,000, while for TOEFL, the fee is #181,500. The above amount covers the registration, textbooks, lesson and uploading.


Programme Begins Ends Duration
Second term 01 /03/21 24/04/21 8 weeks
Marist Common Entrance Exams 06/03/21 06/03/21 1 day
Interview Exams 10/04/21 10/04/21 1 day
 Easter Holiday/Break 03/04/21 10/04/21 1 week
Third Term Begins 24/04/21    


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