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Welcome to MCCN Library, a centre of intense intellectual inquiry in the college, The most dynamic learning environment where both staff and students share obtain knowledge at their free time. i.e. at break and lunch time and after school until 5pm. Students and Staff are allowed to borrow  books to take home. The library has a large fiction section as well as a classified non-fiction section. The library also subscribes to  educational magazines and newspapers.
The librarian helps students with research skills and is available to advise classes about information literacy according to their needs. The school tries to encourage reading for pleasure and the library aims to provide students with relevant, good quality, inspiring reading material and has an exciting range to choose from, as well as being a spacious place to sit and read or to do research.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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MCCN  library books are shelved according   the Dewey Decimal System
Every non-fiction book in the library has a number called the “shelfmark” that tells you where it is. This number is printed on a label on the spine of each book in the library. The books are shelved in sequence according to their numbers, and therefore their subjects.
The numbers are between 000 and 1000. They usually have a decimal point and can have many decimal places.
The hundreds represent broad topics, the tens represent subtopics, the ones represent sub subtopics, and the decimal places represent sub sub topics, and so on.

Dewey subject areas

  • 000 – Computer science, information, general works
  • 100 – Philosophy and psychology
  • 200 – Religion
  • 300 – Social sciences (includes Politics)
  • 400 – Language
  • 500 – Science (includes Biology, Chemistry)
  • 600 – Technology (includes Cooking, Business Studies, Medicine, Health)
  • 700 – Arts and recreation (includes Sports)
  • 800 – Literature (English literature, Classical Literature, Literature in other languages)
  • 900 – History (including Classical Studies) and Geography